Walter’s Final Goodbye

Doesn’t Everyone Deserve to Be Laid to Rest?

So, if you haven’t gotten to the end of the series of Breaking Bad, this may be a spoiler to you…but Walt dies. It’s sad and why not celebrate Walt’s death with a funeral? That’s normal right? Someone dies, and then you give them a proper burial. But wait, was Walt a real person? Why would we have a funeral for a person who never lived in the real world to begin with? These are just a few of the questions that popped into my when I saw this commemoration taking place for our beloved Walter White. Have people become so involved in this series that they must go through the grieving process as if Walt was a real person?

The ceremony took place on October 19, 2013, a little more than a month after the airing of the series finale, when strong ties were still visible in the series. There was a $20 admission fee which included the opportunity to spread a handful of dirt on the grave of Heisenberg, whose contributions ultimately benefited the Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless. But many problems arose with this peculiar method for closure. The gravesite used for the fake burial of Walter White (whose tomb was bodiless and filled with fan memorabilia and other such things instead) was an actual cemetery with real people who had lost their lives. This angered those in the community who respected the bodies of their loved ones buried there or the general concept of respect for the dead. The people against the funeral and gravestone for Walter White were unhappy with the prospect of masses of tourist stomping over their loved ones in order to get a look at someone who never even existed.

Do these Breaking Bad fans have the right to take over this sacred space? Do they feel the entitlement? After all, the show has become reality to a lot of the devout viewers. They lived life with Walter White and all they want is to have the closure others get with their loved ones. I’m sure most viewers are not this obsessive over their involvement in the show, but the show of support for something with such inconsiderate consequences for others illuminates the effect nonetheless. Some of these concerns were addressed before the funeral date and brought even more attention to the event, such as through this news coverage at a local Albuquerque station:

Also, if you are interested in watching the full ceremony, here is a link to the video.



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