The Netflix Magic

By Lifan Zhang

Recently dubbed as “the cable killer”, Netflix has brought more possibilities and flexibilities to the television viewing experience. More and more television producers now consider this Internet-based broadcasting terminal as their new battlefield. This new mode of cooperation is much like a win-win cycle with both sides gaining fruitful benefits. By presenting popular shows without the confinement of airing time, the online broadcaster has earned its 10 millionth subscriber in 2009. The profit from advertising: immense. In regards to those series, which have attracted and stabilized viewers for Netflix such as Breaking Bad, their viewing community has broadened and gained more popularity, which is crucial to the television industry.

Unexpected Foreign Zest

Surprisingly read from one data analysis of Breaking Bad by the Guardian, UK is actually the biggest market of consumption of the last season of the show. United States comes the second, followed by Australia, Spain, France, and Germany. It is truly hard to visualize how a television show can travel this far. However, it will be more understandable after taking the cooperation between AMC and Netflix into consideration. On one hand, Internet breaks the confinement of region and time and transmits information in a wider range. On the other hand, Netflix makes a more flexible and demand-based viewing experience possible. With a smaller device, audiences can now enjoy the show from wherever they would like to. Moreover, particularly for Breaking Bad, there was a Netflix Globalization Group, that is specifically responsible for multilingual translation and localized commercialization of the show, as presented by IMUG.

UK is the biggest market. Really?

UK is the biggest market.

Sweet for Binge Watchers

One filmmaker and Breaking Bad watcher, Maddy Ledeman described his binge watching experiences rendered by Netflix as “unquestionably good.” He considered that a frequent and concentrated viewing experience would enhance the understanding of this complicated show better. “Thanks to Netflix,” said Ledeman, “[I] can process the surroundings for visual metaphors, hints, and clues which are made for a more layered experience.” With the latest upload of the second half of season five of Breaking Bad on Netflix, binge watchers like Ledeman could celebrate and engorge their favorites again.

Retain the Charm

“Thanks to Netflix to keep us always on air” said Vince Gilligan, the producer of the show in September 2013 Emmy Awards. “Always” is the keyword here.

Nearly after 10 months from the release of its finale, Breaking Bad has not faded out from television viewing. The re-viewing demand is still strong that has led to the incorporation of the second half of season five of Breaking Bad on Netflix. As the show has officially stabilized on the Internet by Netflix, more re-viewing in the future is foreseeable, which will turn Breaking Bad into a true “crime classic.”


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