The Breaking Bad Marathon Continues

By Lifan Zhang

It is unreasonable and impractical to conclude that Breaking Bad has officially ended when the last episode finished airing in October 2013. For viewers and TV critics, this crime drama classic still occupies a big chunk of their heart and is often brought up in discussions around television production. Similar to the viewing communities, the production team, too, cannot let it go easily. Surely the marathon of Breaking Bad will continue.

Still on the HIT list

Though the show terminated in 2013, it has never stepped down from its spot of attention. A great part of the viewing community soon became the re-viewing community, whose size is still tremendous. “Thanks to Netflix to keep us always on air” said Vince Gilligan, the producer of the show, at the September 2013 Emmy Awards. New means of television viewing and airing have contributed a lot in sustaining the popularity of the show. Similarly, since February, the last half of season five is also available on Netflix, “an action made based on the high content deal of this show”, as claimed by one market manager.

Influences Lingering on

The zeal of Breaking Bad fans is not quenched in any sense because of the show’s official termination. When you check the discussion forum on the Breaking Bad Wiki, you will notice without surprise that the last post is posted one day ago, or even an hour ago. Frantic fans model Pinkman and White in different ways. There are reports indicating that a high school chemistry teacher started to mock White’s meth business after viewing the show. The BaD Tour, launched by two Albuquerque locals, is also very popular. For a $60 fee and three-and-half hours of road trip, tourists can have a glance of White’s house, Pinkman’s house, Saul Goodman’s law office, the carwash center, etc. (You name it!)

Strange. Where is the 2004 Pontiac Aztek?!

Where is the 2004 Pontiac Aztek?!

Can’t let it go easily

On the side of the production team, they too cannot let the wave of Breaking Bad go. Interviewed by Entertainment on April 14th, Vince Gilligan not only expressed his difficult days drafting the storyline of finale with his staff but he also generously revealed several unpublished versions of the finale. All of them are utterly different from what was shot. Rather than the pathos of division, death and disbelief, White was plotted as a cowboy-like ruthless hero who, as a prison breaker, shot up an entire prison bus in order to save Jesse. Some other crazy alternatives include killing Saul, and a bloodbath of every major character.

Good job Gilligan for stirring up the viewers once again!

Breaking Bad II?

The last episode of Breaking Bad might not mark the end of the “innocent villain” era. As Vince Gilligan has mentioned in one interview from July 2012, a new show, Better Call Saul, is on its way to meet the viewing public. In addition to Aaron Paul who starred as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, the show will be done under the cooperation of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, both the former producers and playwrights of Breaking Bad. Gilligan revealed that this new lawyer story would focus on a lawyer who “will do anything to stay out of a court of law.” This is definitely good news for those who didn’t get enough of the story of “an innocent asshole” from Breaking Bad. Cross your fingers for this Saul thing to be a favorable appetite quencher. (It is not easy to satisfy those post Breaking Bad viewers!)

Leave a Word

Recent news shows that Bryan Cranston is ready to draft a memoir on his Breaking Bad years. Though the title and the exact content are still to be determined, it seems like Cranston has had enough fun from shooting Q&A interviews for Breaking Bad Wiki and has now decided to take one step further.

As Cranston has revealed in many other interviews, “the character of Walter White is dangerous but also powerful that it has influenced me a lot.” However, meanwhile he often emphasizes to the public how much he has tried to not let the “Walter” change him. Now let’s see what he would have to say about his “Breaking Bad complex” and his ambivalence to it!

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