Teachers Breaking Bad

What do teachers do in their spare time?


What does Walter White have in common with the men in the pictures above? In order to answer this question, let’s dive into the stories behind each of these men.

The man on the left, is a chemistry teacher from Cass County, Texas who was caught red-handed when he sold meth to an undercover police officer in the parking lot of the middle school he worked at. His name is William Duncan and he was charged with the manufacturing of a controlled substance and the distribution of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone. Does this sound familiar: a chemistry teacher manufacturing and distributing methamphetamines? It is also noted that the police chief, who has know Duncan for years, commented how he was “real surprised” that Duncan would be involved in something of this nature. Sound familiar now? After all, Walter White went through years of production and distribution of meth right under the nose of his DEA brother-in-law.

The man on the other side is a middle school tutor charged with the trafficking of methamphetamine. He was stopped by police after a tip, and when they searched his car they found 480 grams of crystalline substance. The most interesting thing about this case is that the man charged with the crime, Stephen Doran, was diagnosed with stage three cancer, just as Walt was at the beginning of the series.

Through these cases, another aspect of the series come alive. The aspect that Breaking Bad may portray not only the life of Walter White, but the lives of these people as well. This means that the show is able to connect a disconnected world. People who cannot imagine the world of Walter White or people similar are able to experience the world with a new pair of eyes. The audience may get so involved in the fictional world that they begin to conform their own outside lives into one similar to that of the series; blending the reality Vince Gilligan creates with the reality of the outside world.


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