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by Adriana Reyes


The Immoral Nature of Breaking Bad

As popular as Breaking Bad was when the show was running, the full momentum of the gaining popularity is still in full swing. It can be seen especially among YouTube videos and parodies that fans come up with in order to incorporate some of their other interests into the show or vice versa.

Frozen Parody

For example, how could someone pervert such an innocent movie as Frozen into somethin as horribly corrupt as Breaking Bad?? Watching this parody seems to emphasize the truly immoral nature of the show by directly comparing it to an almost purely innocent movie such as Frozen.


Taylor Swift Parody

Once again, another innocent source of entertainment, in its original form, is turned into something very depraved. Taylor Swift’s audience mainly consist of pre-teen to teenage girls, and so this parody brings out the main contrast seen in an innocent song about a young couple’s break-up and a somewhat unusual expression of discontentment seen between Jesse and Walt’s meth production relationship.



Honest Trailer

Whenever a big-hit movie or television series catches the attention of the mainstream audience, honest trailer is usually quick with its production of a parody for the movie or series.  made one for Breaking Bad. Honest trailers are exactly what its title indicates: it gives an honest opinion about the movie or series in a very interpretive way. It often exaggerates many aspects of the movie, and through its irony and exaggerations, it is able to bring to light many inadequacies seen in the movie. And although most of the honest trailers tend to be movies, it seems that they have made one for Breaking Bad, perhaps because of the way in which this particular series is able to articulate many




Breaking Bad Lego Video Game Parody:

Some avid fans have taken it upon themselves to create a new prototype for a Breaking Bad Lego video game. Although this is not a real game that you can buy in the store, it shows how much the fans of Breaking Bad want to incorporate the show into various other things, such as video games. Breaking Bad audiences consist of various types of people, and the way in which they incorporate their favorite television series may be different from some other fans but it can be seen that combining the love of video game and Breaking Bad  is something that appeals to many.




Breaking Bad as a Sitcom:

This is a very interesting type of parody that has been created based on Breaking Bad because some fans have decided to turn the show into a sitcom. It is interesting to see how an actual episode, which is defined as a drama, can be turned into a “sitcom” by simply brightening the lighting and inserting fake audience laughter at certain moments in the episode.


I don’t know if you had the same impression as I did as I was watching these videos, but I thought of how each of these renditions portray Breaking Bad in a very immoral light (either consciously or not).

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