Pinkman No More

By Lifan Zhang

Originally supposed to die in the end of season one, Jesse Pinkman is worthy enough to be retained when we sit down and retrospect the whole show. As a supporting character, he is too influential. As a villain, he is too dark to perceive. Aaron Paul is just too good at portraying this little gangster that he has his fans asking if he has really been in a rehab or addiction. Now it has been almost a year from the release of Breaking Bad finale. Paul, luckily unlike Bryan Cranston, has walked out the shadow of Jesse Pinkman and enjoyed his own life in many different ways.

Music is the Re-energizer

As revealed in one viewers Q&A Session on the Breaking Bad Wiki, Paul said that the character is “very exhausting, both physically and mentally” that he had to “re-adjust to himself” a little bit every time after shooting. Many indication shows that music is the most preferable re-energizer for our beloved Pinkman. He is often spotted in music festivals around the country. To Aaron Paul, music not only brings him precious relaxation but also guides him to one of the most important person in his life. (Aaron and his wife Lauren Corinne firstly met at the Coachella Music Festival in California!)

A Sweet Start

With the shooting of Breaking Bad approaching to an end, Paul married Lauren Corinne one year after their engagement. The wedding ceremony was very touching with music as one of the most important theme. In addition to the performances by Foster the People and John Mayer, Aaron has drafted a song named “Beauty” by himself and invited all guests to sing it together during the ceremony.

Aaron Paul and his wife, Lauren

 (Here are more of the photos!)

More to Offer

Thanks to the recognition from both the viewing community and the academy of television production, Aaron Paul now branches out into more realms, such as film and advertising. Though he will continue his figure of “villain” in Better Call Saul, he is going to display more sides of himself in upcoming films like Fathers and Daughters, Need for Speed, and A Long Way Down. Let us sit back and wait for what Paul has to offer: a fabulous breakthrough or an utter breakdown.

In Breaking Bad, the tender side of Jesse Pinkman cannot be covered up by his care and attention to his passed-away aunt, Jane, and his ex-girlfriend’s son Brock. In real life, Aaron is also a caring and responsible man. He has raised around $2 million for the Kind Campaign in anti-bullying activities in 2013. This year he has participated in filming Decoding Annie Parker with Helen Hunt and Samantha Morton to fight breast cancer. It is always a good thing to pay it back to our community.


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