He Has the Brain of Breaking Bad

By Lifan Zhang

Almond-shaped face, black framed glasses… No, he is not Woody Allen. He is chubbier and absolutely on the other track. He is Vince Gilligan. Labeled as “the creator of Breaking Bad” on the show’s official wiki page, Gilligan has contributed in more ways than being the screenwriter, director, and producer. What he has done is to lead the show to a very significant step further. Now, with fame and popularity, he seems to continue his ideas in a broader realm.

Breaking Bad Breaks Traditions

Gilligan just has too much to say for the show that makes him famous around the United States, Europe, and Australia. However, one thing he will never leave out in any interview is his attitude towards television programming and plotting. Progressive development in character’s personality and morality is “more logical”, as described by Gilligan, than “keeping its [the show’s] characters in a self-imposed stasis.” That is exactly what he did in Breaking Bad, portraying changes and transitions of not only Walter White but also everyone around him.(Click here for more on the production process of the show!)

Traditions No More

Post Breaking Bad, Gilligan continues his philosophy of television programming in the spin-off of the show, Better Call Saul. Aligned with his previous partner, Peter Gould, and previous starrers such as Bob Odenkirk and Aaron Paul, Gilligan is focused on the story of a lawyer who “will do anything it takes to stay out of a court law.” A rebellious story for sure. What we viewers should expect is the similar transition from “bad” to “too bad”, as that of Walter White. Let us wait till this November and see what this claimed “Breaking Bad prequel” has to offer.

The Accustomed Fame

“You just get [to] listened to more as a writer in television, compared with writer in film and other media,” confessed Gilligan to Michael Idato of The Sydney Morning Herald. Undeniably, Gillian has made Breaking Bad into a huge success. Similarly the show has brought him unexpected fame and recognition. Gilligan’s schedule is now occupied with interviews, college lectures, and discussion sessions with viewers. Simply in April 2014, he has appeared at Irvine Auditorium in California and Farkas Hall of Harvard University to talk about the various themes, metaphors, and character motivation. For Gilligan, this life of bustling around is happy and sweet, “I think it’s absolutely wonderful.” Now, he is heading to Sydney Writer’s Festival to “build more connections” with other thoughtful figures. Similar to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, a promising new era for Gilligan is just started.



Gilligan smiles like a successful producer


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