Everyone Hates Skyler

Skyler is definitely one of the most hated characters on the show, but why is that.  The show is full of drug dealers, murderers, white supremacists, and child killers.  So why is this housewife become such a target for criticism.

Anna Gunn says an interview that it is because she was the one who went against Walter in everything he did.  She was the person to say that what he was doing was wrong and it should stop.

But, I think it was more than that.  Skyler did more than nag.  Everything she did from the start of the show either seemed annoying or just plain wrong.  The episode “Grey Matter” is when I personally started hating Skyler.  This is the episode where the family had an intervention with Walt.  She was extremely controlling and would not let anyone with an opinion other than her own speak.  To make it worse, she would not let Walt make his own decision about his treatment.

On top of this, Skyler also does things that are more than annoying, but are morally wrong.  The first example of this is when she smokes while pregnant.  This is one of the worse things a pregnant woman can do.  I think this is an intension tool used by the writers of the show to get us on Walt’s side.  It makes the audience bias toward Skyler, making her arguments less valid and giving the audience a further justification for supporting Walter’s side job.  Also, since Walter never smoked, you have to wonder if second hand smoke from Skyler is what gave him cancer in the first place.

Another thing that makes the audience hate Skyler is her affair.  Walter might break the law, but at least in the beginning, his intensions were good.  He was looking out for his family.  What he wanted was for his wife and kids to have a better life, but Skyler ruined that.  Cheating on her husband was the complete opposite of what Walt was doing.  Walt was doing something immoral to help his family, and Skyler was doing something immoral to get a divorce.

There is also the irony of Skyler cheating on Walt with Ted Beneke, a man she knows is hiding money from the government.  Ted was not reporting money to the government to save his family business so he can provide for his daughters, sound familiar.  Walter did the same thing as Ted, except Walter did not income that he could just not record, he had making meth.  Although cooking books is not the same as cooking meth, you have to wonder what Ted would have done the same thing is Walter’s position.  The symmetry between Walt and Ted makes Skyler’s actions even worse.  If she had chosen a good guy who followed the law over Walt that would be understandable, but she chose another criminal.

Skyler maybe one of the only main characters to never kill someone, but that doesn’t make her good.  She is not only annoying and controlling, but she is a bad mother and wife.  Skyler is the worst character on the show.

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